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Tiankizco – Tianguis

Indigenous Peoples Fair Trade Market

Tonatierra, working with the Indigenous Peoples Alliance organizations has launched an International Indigenous Trade enterprise called QUETZALCO-OP in Izkalotlan, Aztlan (Phoenix, AZ). To initiate the trading bloc of native trade items, QUETZALCO-OP has imported over three tons (2,850 kilos/6,270 lbs) of high quality coffee from the Indigenous Autonomous Regions of Chiapas, Mexico. Following in the tradition of trade routes that spanned the continent, the exchange of Cafetzin, formerly known as Cafe Maya Ik’, is a historic first, being a completely indigenous collaborative effort between the autonomous regions of the Mayan Nations of Chiapas and Xicano Mexicano autonomous Pueblos of Aztlan.

USSACH Cooperative in Chiapas Mexico

Green Cafe from Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas

Roasted locally as need to ensure freshest taste possible

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ETL – Pinto Beans

Know Your Rights – Conozca sus Derechos

The Right of Memory – El Derecho de Memoria


“Without Memory, a People have no History, nor Future”



Esperanza de la Tierra Libre

Food Sovereignty

Pinto Beans – Frijoles Pintos

Un Proyecto Nutricional


Los Comités de Defensa del Barrio




December 7, 2010 – Phoenix, AZ in O’Odham Nations Territories:  Today a shipment of 42,500 pounds of No1 Grade Navajo Pride Pinto Beans were delivered to the NAHUACALLI, Embassy of Indigenous Peoples in Phoenix to launch the Community Nutrition project, ETL as a nutritional response to the human rights crisis and community economic distress that has been the direct result of the discriminatory legislative attacks upon the families of the Macehualli, migratory wokers and constituencies of the Mexicano Barrios in Maricopa County.

Working in collaboration with the Navajo Nation Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI), and QuetzalCo-op, an Indigenous Peoples Cooperative, the Comites de Defensa del Barrio have stepped to the forefront of the regional economic crisis from a local base of 400 families organized within 15 distinct Barrios throughout the greater Phoenix to defend and develop their communities, and promote Human Rights for all Peoples.

The initial infrastructure of distribution and marketing for the ETL project is intended to generate an opportunity for a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy to be formulated that would for the first time integrate the assets of the Indigenous Peoples with the principles of Self Determination and Community Ecology, in a local-global context.

The ETL product of No1 grade pinto beans of the highest quality and flavor, are to be packaged and distributed under the framework of the non-profit cooperative QuetzalCo-op over the next few months as an catalyst in a longer range planning process to actually deliver the necessary management skills and economic relationships to move the regional economy into one built upon the principles of Food Sovereignty , Just Trade, Respect for Human Rights, including the the Rights of Migratory Workers, and Respect for the Rights of Mother Earth.

“We must move into response and not just reaction to the Human Rights crisis that is Arizona today, and in order to do that it is necessary to construct an economic base built upon the principles of Social Justice, Respect for the Rights of Migratory Workers, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.  This project is an important and historic move in that direction,” said Tupac Enrique Acosta, project coordinator and Pochteca of QuezalCo-op.

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Since time immemorial, our Indigenous Peoples have exchanged with each other across trade routes that cross the entire continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Our culture is the collective expression of generations of both intellectual and spiritual development that precedes the presence of the present day government state systems and societies by millennia.  Our mathematical and astronomical sciences, combined with traditional agricultural knowledge systems served as foundation for emergence of a distinct civilization that still survives, one built upon principles of reciprocity and harmony with nature, and characterized by urban settlements in the form of AGROPOLIS.   For at least 30,000 years – since the inception of agriculture in Mexico, we worked with the land and as Nican Tlacah, Peoples of the Mother Earth we have sown with the sweat of our backs the tradition of Dignity and Respect.  This is our Law, codified in the regenerative legends of our cultural identity as members of the Continental Confederations of Nations and Pueblos of our Indigenous Peoples as Aztecas, Mayas, Chichimecas and Nahuatlacas of Anahuac.  We are not immigrants in our own continent.

As an Indigenous Peoples initiative created to address the economic aspect of our comprehensive community development strategies, QUETZALCO-OP approaches this ETL nutrition project from the traditional perspective of the POCHTECAYOTL, as a discipline in the art and practicality of identifying and providing for the material needs of the community. The POCHTECAMEH are those disciples who are proficient and knowledgeable in the culture, for they will serve as ambassadors as they do the work of weaving together families, communities, clans, barrios, Nations and Pueblos through the exchange of commerce.  They are representatives of the ancient economic system of the INDIGENOUS WORLD, where the bottom line is not a line but an equation: TLAHZOLLI – the tie to the land.

With this project, our intent is to cultivate the seed of HOPE by way of partnerships among our families and community organizations, and the Nations of Indigenous Peoples of the territory in order to complement our efforts as we engage collectively in the material, cultural, economic and spiritual path of self-determination and community liberation.

“They destroyed the fruit, broke the branches, and cast fire to the trunk of the tree of our Indigenous Nations, but they could not kill our roots.”


Conozca sus Derechos – Know Your Rights

El Derecho de Memoria – The Right of Memory

“Un Pueblo sin Memoria no tiene Historia, ni Futuro”

Desde tiempos inmemoriales, nuestros Pueblos Indígenas hemos intercambiado a través de rutas de comercio que cruzan todo el continente desde Alaska a Tierra del Fuego.  Nuestra cultura es una expresión colectiva de generaciones de desarrollo, tanto intelectual como espiritual. Nuestras ciencias matemáticas y astronómicos, combinado con la agricultura  dieron fundación a una civilización distinta y en armonía con la naturaleza, caractizada por poblados mayores en forma de agropolis.  Por un mínimo de 30,000 años, desde la iniciación de la agricultura en México, hemos trabajado la tierra y como Pueblos de la Tierra hemos sembrado con nuestro sudor la tradición de Dignidad y Respeto.   Esta es nuestra ley, codificado en las leyendas regeneradoras de nuestra identidad cultural como miembros de las confederaciones ancestrales de naciones y pueblos Aztecas, Mayas, Chichimecas, y Nahuatlacas.  No somos inmigrantes en nuestro propio continente.

Con este proyecto nutricional, intentamos cultivar la semilla de la esperanza por vía de una colaboración entre nuestras familias y organizaciones comunitarias, y los Pueblos Indígenas actuales con el propósito de unir fuerzas en lo material, cultural, económico y espiritual para darle seguimiento a nuestro camino colectivo hacia la auto determinación y la liberación.

“Tumbaron nuestras frutas, quebraron las ramas, echaron fuego al tronco, pero no pudieron matar a nuestras raíces indígenas.”



Frente Fijolero del Poder del Pueblo

Red Road Cancun

Continental Confederation of the Eagle and Condor

Abya Yala

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