Tonatierra/CDB Press Release

Contact:          Salvador Reza 602 446-9928


To Serve and Protect Or To Hunt for “Undocumented” and Racially Profile?



Location:   Macehualli Work Center, 16801 N. 25th Street, Phoenix Arizona

Time:   11:00 a.m.

Date:   June 1, 2012

Re:    Police Racial profiling in light of their own SB1070, Police Order 4.48

Jesus Aguilar Saenz recently participated in a Community Forum with the Phoenix Police Department, protesting profiling actions of Police Officer Graham. After numerous complaints by the community on the West side, Graham had been transferred to the North, and chose the Palomino neighborhood to stop, question, and harass brown skinned community members including mothers on their way to take children to school. In an internal investigation police denied racial profiling admitted he needed “sensitivity” training and transferred him away from the heavily populated Mexican and Guatemalan community.

On Thursday May 31st, another officer in Palomino, Phoenix Police Officer Ryder arrested Jesus when he and a friend were pushing a truck out of the traffic lane after the truck stalled.  Is this a case of retaliation and the continuation of racial profiling by police?  There are other questions that shed light on the actions of the Phoenix Police.  Why would a police interrogate Mr. Aguilar instead of assisting him when he clearly saw he had car trouble? Is it standard practice to question brown skinned community members’ status before assisting in traffic emergencies? Why did officer Ryder, contact an ICE Officer instead of citing him if he had a traffic infraction? Is the traffic stop the crime necessary to transfer people to ICE? How does this differ from Arpaio’s tactics?

The community demands a response from the newly appointed chief of police: What is Chief Daniel Garcia position on the Police Order 4.48 which gives total discretion to Police Officers without even notifying supervisors when they turn over people to ICE?

How can police ask for Community Trust when they imitate Sheriff Arpaio’s racial profiling tactics with our community?

Jesus Aguilar Saenz was released from ICE Custody Thursday evening and will demand an investigation by the Phoenix Police Professional Standards Unit as well as register a complaint with the Justice Department. He plans to be present at the Press Conference. The Barrio Defense Committees have asked for a meeting with Chief Daniel Garcia.


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