The Teotlachtli of Huehuetlapallan

And then I realized that I was in the netemihuiliztli, I was a ballplayer on the court in and within the field of play, along with many others. Some of these others I could sense were my teammates, relatives, allies and ancestors as we ran in crisscrossing surges on the grass winds of the verdant court.

The ball court walls rose on either side beyond dimension to the turquoise sky, following the design left by the Smoking Star when he released the Arrow of Awe into the world drawing the quadrant window in the sky, rising and turning like the great canyon walls of our beloved Huehuetlapallan and her sacred waters that carry the Rain of Time.

And the tlachtli, the pulse, momentous sacred ball whose presence was movement, direction, and measure, the all of alls – shone. Tlahuilia. In the illumination, a line was defined: one side black, one side red. One side was a shade of light, the other the colors of light. It was the boundary of the ball court, the teotlachtli: the context of the contest.

And so it occurred. With the shift of polarity, the intermission of the xinachtli released the regeneration of the Izkalotekah and sent the ball along the boundary line, and then across. And I – ollamani, a ballplayer: I followed and so here I am now.

(As told by Tupac Enrique Acosta, Izkalotekatl)

Mixing the colorsHappy

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One Response to “Nahuacalli Mural”

  1. SammySoxi Says:

    I want to thank the parents for guiding the Children at a memorable experience they will carry with them to share with their Children. Soxi

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